Child Protection and Wellbeing

In 2020 the Lebanese Muslim Association reviewed its child safety and wellbeing policy based on the recommendations put forth from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Working closely with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian the Lebanese Muslim Association updated its policies and practices to be in line with the Ten child safe standards.

The Lebanese Muslim Association understands that as a community services provider we can play a positive role in reducing the impact of child sexual abuse in the community through listening to our young people and taking their feedback seriously, providing a safe place for children to participate with community and by educating the community on their child safety and wellbeing obligations.

The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) was established in 1962 by a group of Lebanese immigrants, to provide social, religious, educational and recreational services for the Muslim community. In 1972 the construction of the Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb Mosque was completed in Lakemba, NSW, and would go on to become a defining establishment of the Australian Muslim Community.

In response to recommendation’s put forth in the Royal Commission’s report on responses to child sexual abuse in faith-based organisations the Lebanese Muslim Association makes a commitment to the community and its stakeholders that it will:

Place child safety at the core of its operations

We want all parents and carers to know that their children’s safety is a priority to us. We evaluate and assess all physical and digital environments prior to the commencement of any services open to the public. Trained staff are always on site to ensure the safety of all children visiting or participating in LMA events or programs.

Give voice to children and young people

The Lebanese Muslim Association understands the culturally and linguistically diverse community and the need to provide a platform for children and young peoples voices to be heard. As the community interacts with us, we ensure that any comments, questions, concerns and requests are listened to and addressed. We have built a recommendations, complaints, and feedback system online to ensure that everyone, especially the children and young people in our community have access to a platform in which their voice can be heard.

Adhere to best practice in how we work with children and young people

We have reviewed and created new policies to guide our employees, stakeholders and the public as to our responsibilities and responses related to child safety and wellbeing. Staff are provided the latest training in mandatory reporting and identifying problematic or harmful behaviours. Information and feedback form an integral part of our revision of these policies ensuring that the community, especially children and young people’s concerns are addressed in a safe and informed manner.

Support and protect those affected by child sexual abuse

It is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation from the board of directors, paid-employees, volunteers to contracted services associated with the LMA that all allegations of child sexual abuse are taken seriously. We will work in full cooperation with the appropriate authorities and services in order to provide a high level of service and support to any victims of child sexual abuse and their families.

Champion, inspire and advocate on behalf of children and young people

We have worked with the Department of Children’s Guardian and other service providers to inform and inspire best practice for child safety and wellbeing in faith-based organisations. Through our actions and our shared experiences, the Lebanese Muslim Association advocates for child safety and wellbeing to be placed at the forefront of service for all faith-based community organisations.

At the Lebanese Muslim Association, we view children as our future. Our investments into child safety and wellbeing today will create a community tomorrow that is stronger, more informed and empowered to make change.


LMA Child safety and wellbeing policy

Revised on: 28 February 2021
Next Revision: 28 February 2022

LMA Child Safety Community Statement

Released on: 10 March 2021