The Aspire Role Models program improves the self-esteem and aspirations of young students and fosters positive attitudes towards citizenship, social cohesion and civic participation.

Role Model Program

During the program, role models from the Muslim community facilitate a series of interactive presentations based on their own life journey. Three universal themes are emphasised throughout the presentations: inspiring young Muslim Australians; challenging stereotypes and misconceptions of the Muslim community; and encouraging young Muslims to pursue a path of education.

The presentations aim to allow students to understand the challenges faced by others and how they were able to overcome them, inspire students to pursue education as an important element in their life journey, and cultivate high aspirations and ambitions in young people.

Currently 24 role models have made connections with over 50 school principals on issues facing youth, with more than 80% of students surveyed feeling more inspired and motivated to pursue an educational pathway and at least 70% of students feeling that education is the key to success.

Hidayah Leadership Program

The Hidayah Leadership Program aims to empower, inspire and provide avenues of expression and engagement for young people in the local community. To date, the program has engaged over 60 students from 4 different Sydney schools on a leadership camp. The first phase of the program took place at a three-day residential camp in August 2016, where students took part in workshops based on team work, project management and communication.