The Community Awareness and Religious Education (CARE) is a one-day intensive workshop led by subject matter experts in the fields of social policy, religion, law and community engagement.

The program aims to deliver cultural and religious awareness training to service providers whose clientele consist of predominately Muslims to enable improved engagement with the Muslim community.

To date over 250 individuals from organisations such as SDN Children’s services, the AFP, STARTTS and Barnardos, including community workers, youth workers and prison chaplains have all participated in the program.

Religious Awareness Training – Public Iteration

The workshop provides information about Muslim practices that help to increase religious awareness by providing an overview of religious characteristics and issues. The workshop provides an overview of Muslim belief and practice within the relevant framework of wider Australian society and the workplace. It also provides an open forum to ask questions.

The public iteration of CARE is best suited to both public and private sector professionals in the community sector and those working in the areas of equality, diversity, youth services, family and relationships, race relations or community cohesion and education.

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Religious Awareness Training – Private Iteration (tailored)

The private iteration the CARE program is run onsite at your office or preferred venue and can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation in terms of content, timing and amount of staff participating in the training. To date organisations such as Sydney Local Health District, the AFP, STARTTS, SDN and teachers at local schools have all participated in the program.

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