The Community Awareness and Religious Education (CARE) Program is designed for adults working with diverse Muslim clients and communities.

We designed the CARE program recognising that when engaging with diverse Australian Muslim communities, greater social awareness and understanding of the complexity and intersection of religion, gender, ethnicity, culture, ability, and language is needed.. This program is an invitation to people working in health, education, community, sport and other sectors who want to think different and approach their work with a level of awareness and care to improve how they engage and serve their Muslim clients and communities.

The CARE program is an opportunity to move beyond a tick box approach of cultural competence training, to working with organisations to incorporate cultural humility, awareness and self-compassion in their work with diverse communities. CARE is a safe space for reflection, learning and development.

CARE has been delivered to over 30 organisations since its inception. These include SDN Children’s services, the AFP, STARTTS, NSW Police, Sydney Local Health District, Department of Juvenile Justice, Barnardos, and schools from across Sydney. The program has reached over 400 individuals including community workers, youth workers, police officers, health professionals, and chaplains.

CARE can be delivered in multiple modes to enable organisations and individuals to access the program. Organisations have the opportunity to book CARE on site at their workplace, or have it at our venue, or have it delivered in a hybrid model, where there are face to face participants as well as online to suit your workforce. Individuals have the option of registering their interest, and we contact them when the next CARE Program is offered.

Additionally, organisations may request a bespoke program tailored to address the needs and challenges of their workplace in the areas of diversity and inclusion, working with CALD Muslim young people, families and relationships, community engagement and education.

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Religious Awareness Training – Public Iteration

The workshop provides information about Muslim practices that help to increase religious awareness by providing an overview of religious characteristics and issues. The workshop provides an overview of Muslim belief and practice within the relevant framework of wider Australian society and the workplace. It also provides an open forum to ask questions.

The public iteration of CARE is best suited to both public and private sector professionals in the community sector and those working in the areas of equality, diversity, youth services, family and relationships, race relations or community cohesion and education.

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Religious Awareness Training – Private Iteration (tailored)

The private iteration the CARE program is run onsite at your office or preferred venue and can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation in terms of content, timing and amount of staff participating in the training. To date organisations such as Sydney Local Health District, the AFP, STARTTS, SDN and teachers at local schools have all participated in the program.

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