The GoActive Project is a health and fitness initiative dedicated to inspire, empower and connect young women by promoting physical and social wellbeing.

The project aims to provide women with inclusive opportunities to be involved in sport and recreation and is the first of its kind in Australia for Muslim women with the aim of promoting social harmony and healthy lifestyles.

The GoActive team is made up of women with extensive experience in sports and community development. They are passionate about the power of sport to break down barriers and promote social harmony. GoActive believes that sport does incredible things to one’s self confidence and personal well-being and has the power to bring diverse communities together.

Interschool Trisport Tournament

The Interschool Trisport Tournaments occur twice a year and provide girls with a platform to promote cross-cultural engagement, participate in sports and physical activity, promote health and wellbeing. It is also an opportunity to interact with community sporting role models, and most importantly, promote fair play and social harmony.

To celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the Interschool Trisport Tournament was substituted with the GoActive Games to celebrate of the values of friendship, peace and unity while encouraging participation and emphasising fair play.

The event was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre on the 17th of October 2016. We had six schools with over 150 students participating in soccer, touch rugby, fencing, archery, relays and various athletics events.

Public Trisport Tournament

The annual Women’s Trisport Tournament aims to encourage women who don’t normally play sport but are interested in participating and getting involved in a sport or improving their health and wellbeing. The Trisport Tournament is a unique round robin competition consisting of 3 different sports.


The Social and Emotional Learning For Youth (SELFY) Program is designed to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to meet the ongoing challenges they face in their daily lives. During adolescence, students can face a variety of challenging situations, including increased independence, peer pressure and exposure to social media.

The knowledge, skills, and attitudes within the CASEL five competency clusters form the basis for the objectives of the SELFY Program.

SELFY has been run in several schools across Sydney.

GoActive Girls Camps

The camp runs every year at the end of the year. Over 50 girls attend each camp. The three-day residential camp aims to connect, engage and empower young women through participation and encourage positive health and wellbeing.

The camp enables the participants to connect with female role models from various professions; prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually through sport and recreational activities, interactive workshops and confidence building activities; and engage with other girls to develop new friendships through team building activities.

Key activities and sessions include emotional intelligence workshops, sport, recreation and fitness activities, bush walking, swimming and other adventure activities including abseiling to help establish team building, resilience and confidence.

Islamic Spiritual reminders, identifying strengths and a sense of belonging, critical thinking skills, decision making and positive communication skills are all part of the ongoing program.

Weekly Fitness Classes

GoActive continues to provide women from the local community with opportunities to participate in a safe and female only environment where they can be physically active and acquire new skills. To date, classes in boxing, kick boxing, capoeira, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Yoga have been run.


GoActive continues to support various programs and initiatives throughout the local area as part of its ongoing advocacy work to ensure maximum positive impact is felt when it comes to improving women’s health and wellbeing. Some of the programs GoActive has been   involved in:

  • AFL Gala Day – GoActive was involved in a partnership with AFL NSW with over 200 girls participating in the one day AFL Gala Day at Lidcombe Oval in Auburn.
  • International Women’s Day – GoActive was involved in a partnership with Canterbury City Council and YMCA NSW with over 80 high school girls participating event. The event involved a panel of elite athletes with inspirational talks and then clinics with four different sports.
  • Unigoal – GoActive was involved in a partnership with MSA NSW with over 200 women participating in the one-day futsal tournament at Menai Indoor Sports Centre.
  • School Holiday Activities – GoActive organised a one day gymnastics school holiday activity for over 25 young local students. Professional instructors conducted the class with fun activities and lunch included.