Think Again seeks to empower young, educated Muslims to speak out on the issues they face and believe should be addressed, to build recommendations and contribute to community and national discussions.

Youth Summits

The Think Again Youth Summits are a series of intensive topic based sessions focused on providing strategies on community and government approaches to pertinent issues.

Over 90 young people have participated in the three summits so far, providing recommendations on a wide range of topics. The feedback gathered has been constructive and purposeful, with attendees enjoying the opportunity to discuss the issues raised and have helped make the process more efficient with focus on productive outcomes.

Think Again Events

A series of events, including lectures, panels and workshops, focused on timely and topical issues, providing both a Muslim and expert perspective, as well as providing a platform for contributions on the topics from young Muslims.

Over 20 events have been held at the LMA so far under the Think Again banner, featuring local and international speakers and have currently reached over 1,000 local Muslims.

Creating Connections

The Creating Connections initiative is a platform for engagement with local journalists and media professionals to network and share challenges and experiences. Over 150 people from ABC Radio, TV, Online and News24, as well as SBS, The Guardian, New Matilda,, The Australian, Junkee, Buzzfeed, Fairfax and the Daily Telegraph have attended these events.

YouthInk Magazine

YouthInk is both an online platform and printed magazine focused on providing a place for young Muslim writers to express themselves. It has been developed from a quarterly publication to a fluid online platform.

The YouthInk Magazine has a specific focus as a printed and online publication in that it aims to foster the voice of young Muslims, specifically journalists and writers, on a wide range of topics including theology, the Muslim experience, entertainment, technology, politics, culture and fashion. The writing is intended to reach young Muslims from Australia, with articles usually specifically focused on the challenges, barriers and successes of local Australian Muslims. There have been 33 contributors to the magazine so far, from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life.

YouthInk has also had a special Write It Out edition, with the articles coming from teenagers from across Sydney, that partake in the Write It Out training program. So far, there have been over 30 students from 6 schools, writing over 30 articles for these special editions.

Check out the online platform today.

View our special printed YouthInk Magazine editions here.

Think Again Reports

As part of the Think Again program, each Youth Summit and event is documented, the results of which and contributions from participants on the topics are compiled into reports. Please find the completed reports here.