The LMA’s Islamic College has been designed to provide the community with access to knowledge founded in traditional Islamic teachings and practices to help add depth, context and comprehension to those seeking to increase their understanding of the faith.

The college offers ongoing lessons for the following core subjects and includes different levels and student enrolment for various age groups.

Islamic Studies

Students learn basic Islamic beliefs, jurisprudence and ethics, it also covers Qur’anic exegesis as well as exploring the Prophetic biography, stories of the Prophets and the history of Islamic civilisation.

Qur’an Memorisation

The Qur’an Memorisation program equips students with the tools and methods necessary to memorise one chapter of scripture every school term. The program runs each week and is facilitated by a religious scholar and/or qualified Qur’an teacher.

Sisters Qur’an Program

Students of the Advanced Qur’an Program memorise the Qur’an in its entirety during weekly lessons. Students of the program must first have a solid foundational knowledge of correct Qur’anic recitation techniques.

Advanced Qur’an Program

Students are able to enrol in three courses: Tajweed and memorisation, Juz’ recitation and Al-Qa’idah An-Nuraniyah. The program is delivered by qualifies reciters.

Madrassah Children’s Program

The Children’s program focuses on recitation of the Qur’an, reading and writing in Arabic, studying and applying Islamic beliefs, values and practices as well as learning the stories of the Prophets.

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