Binding Knot Couples Workshop – EOI

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Expressions of interest are now open for our Binding Knot Couples Workshop

The Binding Knot Workshop explores Prophetic practice, Quranic instruction, and relational and psychological principles for building a fulfilling and life-enriching marital relationship.

The Binding Knot is a seven-week program designed for couples wishing to improve their relationship. Its purpose is to educate couples in addressing conflicts, communication and enhancing their overall personal and relational well-being.

This workshop is designed for both couples to attend, as together you go through the journey, communicate, participate in activities, and strengthen the knot of your relationship.

The overall series of workshops cover:

  • Discovering or re-discovering the purpose and potential of your marriage
  • Recognising and managing conflicts
  • Understanding adult bonding and attachment
  • Developing communication skills to turn conflict into contact and togetherness
  • Stop seeing each other as the opponent but rather as a team member
  • Creating safety for connection and communication
  • Understanding signs of humiliation, degradation and distance
  • Creating compassion for the other’s feelings of vulnerability
  • Developing shared goals for your marriage and parenting
  • Learning research-based communication skills that have been shown to improve intimacy        and friendship
  • Building an awareness about how family of origin can impact your communication,        attachment and conflict styles

  • Please visit the following link to register your interest: Register Now
    For more information, contact or 0416 954 881.

    Start Date

    Tue 13th, October, 2020