Family Connections Workshop

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Let’s have an open discussion about families and relationships, and the realities of conflicts, communication, and resolutions. The Lebanese Muslim Association is running a free Family Connections Workshop to equip you with the ability to build strong and harmonious relationships, by learning the skills of successful communication.

Join us on Thursday December 3rd with the Senior Family Law Mediation Co-ordinator from Legal Aid NSW, Sally Lord, to gain the tools you need towards effective communication and conflict resolution in your relationships.

Identify the practices needed to mediate and resolve the conflicts which may arise in your day-to-day lives at home. By understanding the importance of open and honest methods of communication, you can connect as a family.

Further information to support services will also be discussed.

Date: Thursday 3rd December

Location: LMA Library

Childminding and refreshments will be available.


Start Date

Thu 3rd, December, 2020

End Date

Thu 3rd, December, 2020