Pre-Ramadan Intensive Retreat

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GoActive’s Pre-Ramadan Intensive Retreat

Join us on a Pre-Ramadan preparation intensive retreat and experience.

This is an opportunity to kick-start your Ramadan and learn how to make the most out of this special month.

The program will focus on:

    1. Understanding the wisdoms of Ramadan and the hidden blessings

    2. Learning and understanding the steps of Taraweeh prayers

    3. Learning supplications (dua)

    4. Learn the origin of the historic night of Laylatul Qadr

    5. How to increase our worship and improve our prayer

    6. Assist you to set Ramadan goals.


  • Sahar Dandan.
  • Dr Samir Mahmud.
  • Shaykh Hassan Elsetohy.

  • 26 – 28 March 2021

    Only 30 spots available. Register now by email at or click the link Pre-Ramadan Intensive Retreat

    Start Date

    Fri 26th, March, 2021

    End Date

    Sun 28th, March, 2021