The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) invites you to join us for our new online mini-series hosted
by the vivacious and ingenious staff at the LMA. We welcome you to share with fellow participants
the many creative, sometimes amusing and highly innovative approaches to how we have
adapted to a new way of living, caring and working. The series will include:

Mindful Monday

Mindful Mondays will explore ways of managing and coping whilst being in lock down.

Toddler Tuesday

Toddler Tuesdays is about educating and engaging your children at home.

She Talks Wednesday

SHE Talks is a video podcast with three very different women discussing ideas, topics and community issues.

Tarbiyah Thursday

Tarbiyah Thursdays is a series on Islamic Parenting advice and way to parent prophetically.

Purposeful Living Friday

Exploring Imam Ghazali’s Spiritual Perspective on living with intent with Dr Samir Mahmoud.