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October 17, 2018

Relocating Embassy to Jerusalem a Destructive Step

The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA), in no uncertain terms, condemns the proposed move by Prime Minister Morrison to relocate the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem. The LMA urges the government to think...

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August 23, 2018

The LMA Condemns Racist Rant by Bigoted Senator

The LMA unequivocally condemns the deliberately inflammatory and deeply offensive comments made by Queensland Senator, Fraser Anning....

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November 24, 2016

LMA Requests Mr Dutton to Engage in a Genuine Discussion

This is all despite the fact that almost universally, research points to the enormous influence that wider social, economic and political issues have on the process of radicalisation. Yet, the focus of...

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News Articles & Opinion Pieces

May 17, 2017

We’re Wasting Time Talking About Avocado When The Seed Of The Housing Problem Is Privilege

We live in an Australia defined by a generation seemingly obsessed with conserving its wealth at the expense of young people and their future....

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February 16, 2017

Anatomy of a sell out: why Isis targets scholars for working with the government

Calling them ‘sell outs’, Isis has called for the killing of three Australian imams. Until Muslims can change the terms of engagement with state structures, we’ll continue to be labelled as such...

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