“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Your invitation to sponsor

The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) is excited to invite you to sponsor our 2021 Teacher Appreciation Awards night. Your generous contribution will directly support and celebrate the achievements of teachers and community members by facilitating a Teacher Appreciation Awards (TAA), on Thursday 24th February 2022.

The Lebanese Muslim Association understands that as a community services provider we can play a positive role in reducing the impact of child sexual abuse in the community through listening to our young people and taking their feedback seriously, providing a safe place for children to participate with the community and by educating the community on their child safety and wellbeing obligations.


This event aims to enhance mutual respect and understanding between students, teachers and the wider community. This will facilitate an environment of open dialogue and cultivate a sense of community togetherness.

In the spirit of inclusiveness and cooperation, this gathering will show appreciation to the profound work that teachers provide to students and their school community. It will shine the light on the sacrifices they make to ensure their students are able to reach greater heights.

Recognition is a very rewarding experience for an educator. It offers meaningful acknowledgment of the teachers working to improve student learning outcomes. It also brings pride and support from the teacher’s students, administration, governing board and public.

We aim to highlight teachers that inspire and influence others in a space so powerful and pertinent to the growth of young people.

Why should you get involved?

The Teacher Appreciation Awards (TAA) will take place over a single day. In the lead-up to the awards, there will be an open campaign for the community to nominate teachers, educators and school officials in six different categories to be awarded and appreciated on the night. You should be part of this memorable night to:

  1. Enhance your business brand by aligning it to a positive event celebrating educators.
  2. Elevate the status and value of teachers.
  3. Contribute to building a culture and social value for education and learning.

Your investment

The Teacher Appreciation Awards will be hosted at the Bryan Brown Theatre & Function Centre, corner of Rickard and Chapel Roads, 80 Rickard Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200. This will be the organisation’s biggest event of the year in the education space. Benefits to your organisation include:

  • High level of exposure of your brand to our 150 event guests and our supporters.
  • Creating company or product awareness with gift bag samples or prizes.
  • Hospitality opportunities to entertain and reward your valued clients and staff.
  • Enhanced credibility through your commitment to appreciating teachers in their journeys to create brighter futures for
          Australian students and communities.

  • Sponsorship levels

    Sponsorships are now available at a range of levels, including:

  • Silver $1,000 (4 available)
  • Gold $2,000 (2 available)
  • In kind contribution


    Award Category Options

  • Long service awards
  • Young leader awards
  • Youth worker awards
  • Primary school teachers awards
  • High school teachers awards
  • Early childhood teachers awards
  • Community liaison officer award

  • Nomination closes on 30th January 2022.