Tap into the untapped talent pool

We believe people from refugee and migrant backgrounds are often the most resilient and resourceful – we believe in their potential to contribute and thrive in society as the newest Australians.

The talent of this vibrant group is yet to be Tapped In.

That’s where we come in.

Tapped In provides free career planning, upskilling and training to job seekers who are recent migrants and refugees. We then link the job seekers to jobs through our employment partners.

Our employment partners are small to medium business who want to make a positive impact in the community and just as importantly, save costs and make good business decisions.

Our purpose

We provide training to jobseekers that support them to be employment ready and thrive in the workplace. Our skilled jobseekers are then placed in jobs with our employment partners – our successful partnerships with employers create employment opportunities for the jobseekers and save costs for the employers.

This client group are self-reliant and resilient, but they face difficulties in finding jobs in their new country. Through employment readiness workshops, vocational trainings, and many tailored courses we upskill our job seekers, so they are not excluded from the talent pool employers look at to find workers.

The Untapped Talent Pool

Newest Australians who are ready to thrive

Job seekers trained in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Administration
  • Support Services; and many more
  • Tapped In trains the job seekers through a mixture of accredited and other courses after completing our 3-part JobFit workshops.
    This employment readiness workshop is designed to enable the job seeker with increased self-belief, in depth knowledge about desired profession and be a better fit for the job.

    Why partner with us?

    Untapped Talent Pool. Save Costs. Make an Impact.

    Boost your Business

    We understand staff are one of the most important resources for a business, while recruiting the right workers can be time consuming and expensive.

    By partnering with Tapped In you will be able to access our extensive and trained talent pool of job seekers. Experience the positive impacts of diversity in your business.

    Tap into our existing HR expertise and resources. Our experienced Career Consultants will assist you in creating a Tailored Partnership Plan for your business based on your requirements. This will save time and costs that would otherwise be spent on recruiting.

    Jobseekers from our talent pool are already trained so you’ll be saving costs on that too.

    By becoming a partner, you can take advantage of our marketing perks, such as: your business will be promoted to LMA’s vast network or you could save thousands on marketing by creating a customised partnership plan.

    Ask our Career Consultants how you can access one or all of these:

    Social media


    Partner rates
    at events

    Once a position is filled, our Career Consultants will stay in touch with you and your employee for six months so we can address any problems either of you may be experiencing. If required, we can offer further training, mentoring, and travel assistance.

    By hiring through Tapped In you will be supporting the newest Australians. The benefits of hiring from refugee and migrant backgrounds are too many to list but the benefits to your business will be even bigger.

    How do we select our talent pool?

    We know how important it is to get the right employee for your business. In Tapped In, job seekers are only entered into our talent pool after completing expertly designed workshops, attaining training certifications and shining in our in-house interview.

    How to partner with us?

    It’s simple – fill out the short registration form and one of our Career Consultants will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and create a Tailored Partnership Plan for your business.

    What we need from you is to give us a chance to fill your vacant positions through our talent pool. It’s low risk, minimal commitment and you can change your mind anytime.

    As a Muslim organisation we will avoid partnering with business practices that do not align with Islamic principles such as profiting from tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.

    For more information, contact us on: thrive@lma.org.au