The Prophet Muhammad PBUH, said:
“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.”

In accordance with the teachings of Islam, the LMA provides financial aid to those most in need through the distribution of Zakat, Sadaqah and Qurban.

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To ensure the dignity and respect of our brothers and sisters is preserved, the LMA maintains complete confidentiality of those who apply.


Zakat is an obligatory giving of alms for the relief of those in need and is the third pillar of Islam.

The literal translation of the word Zakat is “that which purifies.” So it could be said that just as the Shahada purifies one’s intention and prayer purifies the soul, fasting purifies the body and pilgrimage purifies one’s lifestyle, the act of giving Zakat purifies one’s worldly possessions.

To help fulfil one’s obligations during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the LMA facilitates the collection of Zakat al Fitr.


Sadaqah is the voluntary giving of alms for the relief of those in need and is defined as an act of giving for the sake of giving without seeking anything in return and with the pure intention of pleasing God.

The literal translation of the word Sadaqah is “righteousness” which stems from the Arabic root word sidq, meaning sincerity. According to the teaching of Islam, the act of Sadaqah does not necessarily need to be in the form of material goods, it can be a kind action, word or gesture. Even a smile is an act of charity.


Qurban is the sacrifice of an animal to commemorate the end of Hajj season and the beginning of Eid al-Adha.

The literal translation of the word Qurban is “Sacrifice” and is related to the Hebrew word qorbān, meaning offering. The symbolic notion of sacrifice is an important aspect of both Islam and Judaism and can be traced back to the sacrifice Prophet Abraham made, may peace be upon him. It is a reminder to the faithful to purify one’s heart from worldly ailments such as greed, envy, hatred and pride and submit to God by serving humanity through humility and love.

The LMA helps over 3000 people in need each year through the distribution of Qurban in Lebanon alone.

Lebanon Relief Ramadan Appeal – (Ramadan 2020 Campaign)

The streets of Lebanon are filled with the cries of hungry children, with the desperation of fathers who cannot feed, with the tears of mothers who turn to God for help.
These are our families, our children, our grandparents, our parents. This is our Ummah. We are all this body and this body is in pain. Brothers and sisters, this is the month of mercy, the month of compassion, the month of feeling the suffering of others.

Campaign Ended

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