Friday 24, April

Lebanon Relief Ramadan Appeal

Support your people in Lebanon The LMA is taking the initiative to help our fellow brothers and sisters in need. The people...

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Monday 25, May

Mindful Monday – 10:30am (LIVE)

Mindful Mondays will explore ways of managing and coping whilst being in lock down. Mindful Mondays will explore ways of...

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Friday 29, May

Purposeful Living – 08:00pm (LIVE)

Exploring Imam Ghazali’s Spiritual Perspective on living with intent with Dr Samir Mahmoud. This series will be based on...

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About the LMA

The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) has been in operation since 1962 and has grown to be a nationally recognised representative service provider with over 1,000 members, over 400 initiatives and events and with a staff of over 40.

Its reach has grown to include a vast spectrum of communities and networks from across NSW, including having three mosques and partnerships with a number of stakeholders and sponsors.

It is most prominently associated with being the caretaker of Lakemba Mosque, one of the largest Mosque’s in Australia.

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Lakemba Mosque

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