One Human Family, Mercy for All

“The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and sympathy, are like one body; when any part suffers, the whole body feels pain.” The Messenger of God Mohammad (PBUH)

One calamity after another, the people of Lebanon can take no more.

The streets of Lebanon are filled with the cries of hungry children, with the desperation of fathers who cannot feed, with the tears of mothers who turn to God for help.

These are our families, our children, our grandparents, our parents.

This is our Ummah.

We are all this body and this body is in pain. Brothers and sisters, this is the month of mercy, the month of compassion, the month of feeling the suffering of others.

Our Ummah is suffering. More today than ever before.

All we need is to look around us and see that we are in luxury while others are in discomfort, that we are in ease while others are in pain, we are in good health while others are in affliction.

Let us together silence the cries of our children, stop the desperation of our parents and end the tears of our mothers.

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) taught us that God Almighty said to us “Spend on charity,
O son of Adam and I shall spend on you.”

This Ramadan remember that we are one family and show mercy for all.
The more you give, the more your reward.
May God Almighty accept our good deeds.

Feed an entire family of 4.

$100 for one month.
$50 for two weeks.

We are accepting Zakat al Mal and Sadaqah for this campaign. Our project has zero admin fee.

The LMA launched the Lebanon Relief Ramadan campaign to help our brothers and sisters in partnership with Ausrelief. Help us answer their prayers, extend a hand and help feed as many families as we can this Ramadan.

We are also collecting donations through bank transfer, in person and online via our website.

1. Bank transfer
Account name: LMA Charity
Bank: NAB
BSB: 082 356
Acc #: 35 938 4119
Ref: Lebanon Relief

2. Visit our LMA office or by contacting 0405 562 562.
Monday – Friday 12pm – 4pm

3. Online