About Thrive

Thrive is a Youth Transition Support program, designed to provide support for newly arrived migrants and refugee youth, between the ages of 12-25, in their transition into the Australian community. Funded by the Department of Social Services, Thrive aims to provide culturally and religiously appropriate services to recently migrated communities.

The Thrive program offers a host of initiatives and services that expand on the initial settlement process, focusing predominantly on skills and engagement. Practicality and innovation characterise Thrive initiatives, each of which having been developed to ensure they contribute to the positive growth of the young people’s lives and aspirations.

Driven by the will to innovate and inspire, the Thrive team has led new projects in areas of education, employment, vocational training and social inclusion. It has built on existing initiatives, promoted good practice and addressed social gaps to encourage the participation of refugee youth in the Australian community.

By empowering young recent migrants and refugees, Thrive aims to change the social environment which young migrants and refugees are now part of. Thrive has created unique, exciting programs that bring out the best in young people, in safe spaces that support them to be independent, confident, secure and feel at home.

Thrive clients all take part in a variety of the programs and initiatives outlined below, some taking part in more than one, considering the wide variety of outcomes needed to be met to genuinely support young, recent migrants.

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The program has four key focus areas to help ensure all clients reach their full potential: