Every major world religion has the concept of a pilgrimage and the major pilgrimage for Muslims is known as the Hajj. The Hajj was initially instituted by Prophet Abraham, may peace be upon Him, and was taught to him by the archangel Gabriel. The Hajj is roughly a five day long devotional practice which takes place during the first half of the final month of the Islamic Calendar and includes a number of rites.

Men wear two seamless white cloths and women wear garments covering everything but their hands and face. Simple sandals are also worn. In this manner, every worshipper is seen to be absolutely equal before God. Consequently, whether one is a monarch or a street sweeper, everyone is unquestionably equal. Hajj is an obligation on every Muslim to perform at least once in their lifetime if they are able to do so.

The LMA offers Hajj and Umrah packages throughout the year to help facilitate this important aspect of the religion.

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