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The Imprint program focuses on creating pathways in tertiary study, work experience and employment for refugee youth via painting and drawing workshops.

Students take part in classes that are accredited and provide them with ample information to help decide on career pathways, as well as giving them experience in the industry along with networking opportunities.

The course includes self-marketing workshops and an opportunity for participants to attain a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, to continue their career in the creative space.

Upon completion of the course the final artworks are compiled into an exhibition, providing participants the opportunity to showcase their work to friends, family and the local community and the experience that comes with developing their work for a public exhibition.

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Off the Hook

Off the Hook is a multifaceted program that centres on the Australian fishing industry. The program aims to familiarise refugee high-school aged students with the many employment opportunities the fishing industry provides. The program also works on educating attendees on Australia’s unique marine biology in a fun and interactive way.

The program includes educational tours that take students behind the scenes at the Sydney Fish Market, the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and the Sydney Aquarium, focusing on employment pathways available via these institutions.

A partnership with the Department of Primary Industries ensures that Off the Hook is able to provide tailored, in-school educational workshops that cover sustainable fishing, regulations, licensing and information on career opportunities.

Off the Hook also includes fun fishing trips for participants, where they can apply all the practical skills they have learnt throughout the course.

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Questions Answered through Language for Migrants (QALM)

QALM is an English conversation program that provides language support to recently arrived migrants. The program seeks to increase the ability of new migrants to communicate effectively in an Australian context, as well as to build their confidence. The course increases the skillset of participants, enhancing their employment and educational opportunities.

The program runs for 12 weeks, with a focus on teaching new migrants aged 12 and 25 years day-to-day English in Australia, employing TESOL methods. The program runs both independently, covering a range of interesting topics and in conjunction with existing Thrive programs by providing contextualised English language support.

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Quest: Pathway to Potential

Quest is an entrepreneurial training project that highlights the tech and innovation boom in Sydney and its role in affecting social change in the refugee community.

Quest provides young refugees with an engaging and exciting insight into the start-up and innovation world, while opening doors for them to build their own start-up company.

The program is divided into three phases: a pre-Quest event, a competitive Hackathon (Questathon) and a post-Quest, semi-incubator program.

The Quest project focuses on providing participants of the program with a platform and the resources to develop their workable project. The winning project is given the opportunity to take part in an incubator program which includes a two-day intensive program focused on building the project and accelerating its development.

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Rahnoma is a mentorship program tailored for newly arrived migrants from diverse background to assist in developing career goals and transitioning successfully onto higher education and vocational pathways.

The program is an opportunity for students to learn, ask questions and plan for the future with their assigned mentors and has brought inspiration and motivation to a range of students across Sydney.

Rahnoma runs for 12 weeks and aims to be a holistic program that links community members and leaders with students seeking to develop their skills for future careers.

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Train to Train

The Train to Train program is a pathway to education for young recent migrants that are interested in becoming certified personal trainers. As a part of a training course, attendees receive a Certificate III and IV in Fitness through the Australian Training Company, as well as an unpaid internship at the Australian College of Sports and Fitness.

The goal is to encourage attendees to lead a healthy lifestyle and to also encourage it in their homes and communities. The program aims to develop career opportunities for those with a passion for fitness and nutrition.

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Under Construction

The Under Construction program is a multi-faceted migrant youth program with a particular focus on employment opportunities in the construction industry. Through TAFE, this program offers:

  • Work Safely in the Construction Industry, with a nationally recognised white card, a prerequisite for employment in the trade
  • Forklift license
  • Work-zone traffic control course
  • Opportunities for further education, in other trade industries as specified by the participant, on a case-by-case basis

The program provides applicants with a basic construction gear package that includes a hard hat, safety boots, a Hi-Vis vest and a toolkit. The final component involves placements and apprenticeships for clients, sourced from local businesses and home-grown, trade-based start-ups.

The goal is to have participants learn the basic accreditation process for the construction industry, understand the work and gain increased exposure through apprenticeships and learn the basics of the tools of the trade with the free construction gear kit.

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Drive 2 Thrive

Drive 2 Thrive provides driving instruction for recently arrived migrants and members of CALD communities. Developed in response to client feedback, the project seeks to connect participants with the opportunities that are inherent to being able to drive, including the ability to drive as a part of their future employment.

Drive 2 Thrive seeks to open doors to many opportunities for young migrants in Australia and create a sense of independence especially to those with limited English.

The program focuses on providing accredited driving instructors to young refugees at a discounted price. The driving instructors come from variety of backgrounds, with a particular focus on instructors that are able to speak multiple languages in addition to English, providing a communicative link with participants.

The program has built the self-esteem and confidence of participants through the independence they feel with being able to drive to their destinations. It has built courage to commute to and from places and has expanded the possibilities of gaining employment in addition to easier access to educational opportunities.

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Friday Night Lights

The Friday Night Lights program is an ongoing initiative that aims to bring together young recent migrants to form teams and play a season of soccer together.

Held every Friday afternoon and aimed at refugees aged between 12 and 25 years, the program seeks to encourage young people to engage in sports and community activities.

The program is run on a seasonal basis, attracting both clients and a large number of local young people, with attendees networking and enjoying an organised competition.

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The Xpressive Barista program is a three-day course for new migrants and refugees aged between 16 and 25. The course focuses on coffee-making and food safety, ensuring all participants are certified upon completion. The Xpressive course works on building the skills and experience of participants in preparation for roles as professional Baristas in the hospitality industry.

The course covers the core elements and demands of a role at a café, ensuring students emerge from the sessions with all the necessary skills to join the hospitality industry.

Graduates from the program also take part in multiple LMA programs and events, including providing the coffee at the National Mosque Open Day and Community Wellness Expo.

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Universal Cooks

Universal Cooks is a five-week educational program based in high schools that seeks to educate young students on life skills associated with food and cooking. Key elements of the program include grocery budgeting, healthy eating, nutritional information, food-labelling and cultural awareness, all within a hospitality setting.

The program culminates in cooking classes for the students that integrate all the knowledge and experience gained over the four weeks. Students exhibit increased confidence, self-esteem and positivity at the conclusion of the program.

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The JobKIT program is an initiative that was developed to better prepare young recent migrants for job applications and career pathways. Built on the back of feedback on the many programs under Thrive, JobKIT focuses on goal setting, resume writing and preparations for job interviews.

The program is run at multiple schools, different Navitas campuses and independently at the LMA.

The course involves 4 workshops that go through an extensive workbook that covers looking at goals for young people, developing a resume and cover letter and finally interview preparation through participating in mock interviews.

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Through my Story

Through My Story is a powerful program developed by the Thrive team with a focus on creating a platform for young recent migrants and refugees to tell their stories, share their experiences and connect with people via storytelling techniques.

The workshop focuses on developing photography skills, allowing and encouraging the attendees to share their experiences via photos and film. The initiative involves three projects run by experienced professionals and attracts a large number of clients.

The attendees are asked to share three images to then describe their life. The stories that emerge are inspiring and powerful, providing opportunity for the attendees to build a portfolio of work.

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Syrian Youth Group

The Syrian Youth Group is a unique collective that evolved out of a camp held towards the end of 2016. In 2017 it evolved to become a full-fledged movement that stands independent of other programs and is proudly supported by the Thrive Team.

The initiative involves a group of young clients from Syria coming together and organising themselves into a coherent group that organises gatherings and camps. In the past year they have held multiple events, including barbeques and picnics.

Most importantly, the group developed an active Facebook group that is consistently updated and has built a network of support that seeks to help members of the collective prepare for and attain employment.

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Arabic Reading Challenge

The Arabic Reading Challenge aims to foster literacy skills in Arabic language for recently arrived migrants and refugees. Through engaging them with exciting and resourceful reading material and ongoing mentorship, the program builds towards providing participants with renewed confidence and networking opportunities.

The Arabic Reading Challenge is a year-long program that based on the reading and comprehension skills of the participants. Students are required to read and write a short synopsis on 25 age-appropriate Arabic books written in Arabic.

Through the program students are exposed to a variety of readings, texts and authors in addition to connecting with the Arabic language as well as their fellow participants. The texts are purposely chosen to critically engage the students and provide them with a platform for discussion.

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Dive 2 Thrive

Dive 2 Thrive is a program that aims to improve the swimming skills of recently arrived migrants and refugees. Swimming is recognised as an important life skill and a part of the Australian way of life, however, drownings in waterways are on the rise, so workshops such as this could potentially save many lives. It is vital that participants are made aware of the rules and regulations around beaches and pools, as well as to take swimming lessons.

The program involves partnering with accredited swimming instructors to provide discounted swimming lessons to participants aged 12-25. Male and female swimming instructors coach and supervise at designated pools, where swimming skills are taught in addition to water safety.

Participants attend a day at Maroubra Beach with the supervision of a Surf Lifesaver to learn about water safety, different types of currents/rips and the regulations of swimming between the flags.

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