Optimus Health and Fitness Centre

The Optimus Health and Fitness Centre is a gym that caters for the local community in all areas of health and wellbeing. The gym was recently renovated with state of the art equipment and specialises in training facilities to suit all fitness levels, from beginner to professional and everyone in between.

The gym is steadily growing and currently has a membership of over 400 people who use the facilities regularly.

Membership fees:

Special promotional 12-month membership only $399.00

  • 1-month membership – $50.00
  • 3-month membership – $130.00
  • 6-month membership – $250.00
  • 12-month membership – $365.00

BodyPunch Boxing Gym

BodyPunch Boxing Gym is an elite fitness and training space. Head trainer, Billy Hussein, assisted by his brothers Maz, Nedal and Hussein, have developed a world class boxing program for all athlete classes.

All boxing classes are conducted in a safe environment with qualified, professional instructors who help people of all skill levels learn how to train and get fit.

BodyPunch offers personal, school, team, and corporate training programs to suit the needs and skill levels of all who join the BodyPunch team.