The Sydney Muslim Conference (SMC) is an annual large-scale event focused on developing a contemporary language for Australian Muslims to address the challenges they face.

The Conference

The main purpose of the SMC is to develop a robust single day conference that brings together local and international Islamic scholars to discuss topics and themes that address some of the challenges associated with being Muslim in Australia. Over 2,000 people have attended the conference to date, with over a million Muslims reached via social media.


SMC features internal and external workshops across a weekend, looking to practically equip attendees with the theological and political tools to create a sense of agency amongst young Muslims.

A more pragmatic approach to challenges facing young Muslims brought nearly universally positive feedback, with full workshops across each of the SMC and over 300 in attendance each year.

Networking Events

SMC hosts networking events with local and international guests and religious leaders, as well as sessions with local indigenous leaders and elders, to share in experiences and dialogue.


The SMC weekend of events also feature an essential lecture to build on the particular themes of the conference, held on the Friday of each SMC weekend. Each lecture aims to tackle a general Islamic topic, with the goal of opening another avenue of engagement and providing accessibility to discussions and scholars.