The LMA provides Islamic funeral services according to Islamic funeral and burial rites and in accordance with Australian legal requirements.

The LMA Islamic Funeral Services accommodates for complete Islamic funeral arrangements that include the following:

1. Transport of the deceased from the place of death to the LMA’s Funeral Parlour.

2. Private viewing room for immediate family members.

3. Maintenance of the deceased overnight at the LMA Funeral Parlour, if necessary.

4. Specially trained and experienced personnel (males and females) to perform Ghusl (Islamic burial washing).

5. Shrouding the body of the deceased.

6. Assisting with the Janazah ceremony at Lakemba Mosque, led by an LMA Shaykh.

7. Transportation of the deceased from Lakemba Mosque to the Islamic section of Rookwood Cemetery or alternative cemetery for the Muslim burial service process.

8. Burial plot at the cemetery of family’s choosing.

9. LMA Shaykh attends burial and supports the family.

10. Lakemba mosque and Shaykh can be made available for the gathering on the third day (talit) Note: Shaykh is only available at Lakemba Mosque (Ali ibn Abu Talib).

11. Arrangements for obtaining death certificate. (includes application and associated costs).

All preparations of the deceased are performed under strict Islamic guidelines.

The funeral prayer can be performed at Lakemba Mosque. All are welcome to attend the funeral prayer and accompany the deceased to the cemetery.