The Family CommUnity project promotes a healthy dialogue between parents about the challenges, opportunities and realities of raising a family in Australia.

The Binding Knot

As the LMA was increasingly experiencing an influx of young couples reporting unsatisfying marriages, psychological distress in marriage, ongoing conflict and seeking advice, direction, support or marriage dissolution, it became imperative to build a foundations program for young married couples.

The Binding Knot is our couples’ program. The Binding Knot’ in reference to the story of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Aisha (RA). The purpose of the program is to increase satisfaction and intimacy between couples, manage conflicts, increase family function, and enrich the marital relationship while infusing their connection with Islam and Allah (SWT).

The program covers the challenges couples face and how they can create healthier relationships. Couples are provided with psycho-educational information that align with Islam to develop their relationship and encourages couples to work on deepening their connection.

The workshops are experiential based on relational and compassionate theories and imbued with Islamic principles. The program covers topics that couples will undeniably have to face in their journey together.

The Binding Knot program is an opportunity for Muslim couples develop skills to advance their relationships, and their understanding of how to build strong, resilient, and harmonious families.

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It supports isolated and marginalised parents and enables a safe space to engage in the community, encouraging them to run events that they feel are important to help become better engaged in their children’s lives and their community.

This incorporates parenting classes, playgroups, health and fitness initiatives as well as additional programs that support parents and their children and are religiously and culturally appropriate.

Baby Buddies

Baby Buddies is a weekly guided playgroup for Mothers and their children aged 0-5. The playgroup provides workers to facilitate the playgroup and show mothers how they can interact with their children in engaging and educational activities.

So far, over 70 mothers have engaged with the program from Lebanese, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, and other CALD backgrounds.

Tarbiyah Parenting Program

Tarbiyah is designed to equip Muslim parents with skills to increase their confidence as parents and help them understand the Islamic principles of parenting in order to provide their children with spiritual, educational and moral support to help them grow up to be excellent members of the community. Tarbiyah is founded on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on parenting and reinforced by the evidenced-based research and skills taught in the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

The target audience for Tarbiyah are Muslim Parents with children aged 2-12 who are displaying behaviour difficulties, and who have a genuine desire to do the best they can as a parent and for their child’s wellbeing in this life and the next. The skills taught are specifically tailored to address Islamic foundations of parenting, as well as key behavioural and developmental factors amongst children before they reach the age of puberty.

Jumpstart Sports & Nutrition

Jumpstart Sports & Nutrition program is a free 5-week program that aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst children aged 8-12. The program is designed to accommodate children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and include aspects relating to the Prophetic health tradition in the curriculum. The Jumpstart Sports & Nutrition program is led by trained qualified professionals and runs during school term. The overall aim is that children have fun and raise their awareness of the importance of healthy living.

Father & Son Camps

The purpose of the LMA Father & Sons Camp is to provide fathers and their sons the opportunity to spend meaningful time together and to promote a dialogue between fathers about the opportunities, challenges, and realities of raising boys in today’s society.